Serving cocktails with character, Novela is a book-themed bar where classic literary references present themselves in new and intriguing ways. From our chromatically classified book collection, to the names of our house cocktails which are taken from characters in beloved literary works, Novela offers a compelling and elegant ambiance that juxtaposes classic with contemporary design. The atmosphere lends itself to get-togethers of all kinds; from lively post-work mixers, to first dates, and birthday celebrations. The cocktail and punch programs are seasonally living, and expertly crafted by our talented bar staff. Together we create a menu filled with original house libations and historically inspired punches-on-tap.

seasonal cocktail
seasonal cocktail
seasonal cocktail

Each of our house cocktails is uniquely created to incorporate ingredients not typically found in traditional punch. From fluffy egg foams, to the bracing complexity of a delightfully bitter ingredient or an uplifting house-made soda, the theme that guides our house cocktails is a celebration of the season’s local bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

seasonal punch on tap

The exact origin of punch remains a mystery. Many scholars believe the libation was first crafted by English merchant sailors in Indonesia in the early 17th century. The desire to create a balanced, fruity, and complex tipple was based on their taste for wine coupled with their plentiful access to locally distilled spirits. With balanced proportions of citrus juice, sugar, water, and spices, the sailors were able to tame the exotic palm, sugar, and cane spirits into “Punch”, a word derived from the Hindi word for “five”. They would carry their creation as they sailed to new lands, helping to make punch one of the world’s most popular drinks for nearly 200 years. Our uniquely designed Punch-on-Tap program honors this original formula by incorporating handmade oleo saccharum (citrus oils and sugar) with blends made with fresh seasonal produce and herbs, natural demerara sugar, spices, and premium spirits.

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Our Small Bites menu offers elevated options to seamlessly compliment our handcrafted libations. We source cheeses from Tomales Bay’s Cowgirl Creamery, imported and local charcuterie and meats, along with farm fresh eggs and heirloom produce for a satisfying menu with something everyone will enjoy.

“I always take Scotch whiskey at night as a preventive of toothache. I have never had the toothache; and what is more, I never intend to have it.”

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