Introducing Novela’s Punch-To-Go, a fresh mix of fruit and spices, that imbibers combine with their spirit of choice, water, and ice. Make holiday gifting easy with Novela’s housemade punch or enjoy it at your next holiday fête; available in rotating seasonal flavors.


The exact origin of punch remains a mystery. Many scholars believe the libation was first crafted by English merchant sailors in Indonesia in the early 17th century. The desire to create a balanced, fruity, and complex tipple was based on their taste for wine coupled with their plentiful access to locally distilled spirits. With balanced proportions of citrus juice, sugar, water, and spices, the sailors were able to tame the exotic palm, sugar, and cane spirits into “Punch”, a word derived from the Hindi word for “five”. They would carry their creation as they sailed to new lands, helping to make punch one of the world’s most popular drinks for nearly 200 years. Our uniquely designed Punch-on-Tap program honors this original formula by incorporating handmade oleo saccharum (citrus oils and sugar) with blends made with fresh seasonal produce and herbs, natural demerara sugar, spices, and premium spirits.


Each bottle ($20) comes with instructions and spirit suggestions.
“Just add booze and water.”


Order by email ( or by phone (415.896.6500). Please place order 48 hours in advance.
Punch can be picked-up from Novela 4PM – close daily (662 Mission Street, San Francisco)



  • Writer Punch

  • Recommended Spirits: Vodka, Gin, Light Rum
    • . . . . .
    • pineapple
    • tangerine
    • jalapeño
    • lemon

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  • Publisher Punch

  • Recommended Spirits: Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila
    • . . . . .
    • pomegranate
    • cranberry
    • star anise
    • all spice
    • lemon

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  • Editor Punch

  • Recommended Spirits: Gin, Vodka, Irish Whiskey, Pisco
    • . . . . .
    • butternut squash
    • apple
    • honey
    • mulling spices
    • lemon

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